Bonus Episode: Being the Dad Your Kids Deserve


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I used to be the guy who said “family is my #1 priority” and yet, my schedule often told a completely different story. I was a workaholic, and I was in denial.

Thankfully, Jon Vroman started Front Row Dads—a community for family men with businesses, not businessmen with families. Without exaggerating, my involvement with Front Row Dads has become the biggest factor contributing to my progress in becoming a better husband and father.

Joining me on this special bonus episode of the podcast is none other than Jon Vroman and our great friend, Justin Donald. We’re talking about what it means to be the Dad and Husband your family deserves, what each of us is excelling at AND struggling with when it comes to our own families.

We also talk about the upcoming Front Row Dads Live Summit, which is bringing 100+ men together from around the world to increase awareness, build brotherhood and ignite action to be better fathers and husbands. I’ll be speaking at the event, and I hope you’ll join us on December 2-4 in Austin, TX! Visit and use the discount code HAL for 10% off your ticket price.


  • What does it mean to be a Front Row Dad?
  • How to develop a better relationship with your kids through quarterly (or even monthly) one-on-one’s.
  • Making plans that speak your spouse’s love language.
  • Why a YES to somebody else, is by default, a NO to your family.
  • Why getting together with like-minded Dads can completely transform your life at home.
  • The value of spending time with AND without your family.
  • A simple change I made to make my daughter go from being annoyed by me to feeling totally connected and wanting to spend time with me.
  • Stop trying to set the agenda and figure out what’s important to your family instead.
  • The difference between exposing yourself to information and immersing yourself in an experience.
  • What will you gain from being at the Front Row Dads annual live event?

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