456: The Life-changing Benefits of Fasting with Dr. Mindy Pelz


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Have you experienced the benefits of fasting? I found today’s conversation with Dr. Mindy Pelz on this topic to be fascinating. She is a leading expert in the fasting space who has empowered hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to be healthier, stronger, and have more energy through fasting.

In our discussion, we discuss how fasting can help us detox from the chemicals in our bodies, the truth about intermittent fasting, and some easy-to-follow strategies to mobilize your body’s own healing and fat-burning abilities through fasting.

Mindy also has a new book coming out, Fast Like a Girl, which has addresses the differences between how men and women should approach fasting, which we also touched on today.


  • How fasting works and how to use it to supercharge your metabolism and immune system.
  • Why the food pyramid makes us overeat bad foods that destroy our guts and health.
  • The #1 step that will help you start fasting TODAY.
  • Why women should fast differently from men.
  • How one of her patients cured himself of cancer (Lymphoma) by doing three-day water fasts.
  • The importance of having support and encouragement from your community when doing prolonged fasts.

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