415xt AITA for kicking out an intellectually disabled woman from my party? (Call-in show)


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Folks, we got one heck of a call-in-a-roo for you today. I'm joined by 4 dear listeners for a trip to juice town you won't soon forget. Thanks for listenin'!
(2:35) WIBTA for kicking out my 19-year-old daughter because I found her OnlyFans? (ft. Katie)
(19:51) AITA for not translating for my wife when she hasn’t put any effort into learning ASL? (ft. Natalie)
(44:03) AITA for kicking out an intellectually disabled young woman from my party? (ft. Andrea)
(01:02) AITA for crashing my roommates car and then wanting to use her insurance instead of paying out of pocket? (ft. Kylie)
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