167 Childhood Cancer feat. Dr. John Poothulli


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In this episode, Dr. John explains why childhood cancer is different from adult cancer and how it comes into being. He explores the feelings that the parents and the child go through and gives some wonderful advice on what the parent can do to minimize emotional disruption with the child and create a harmonious environment.

To further the value in the episode, Dr. John offers some wonderful advice around what a parent can do to support the child from a nutritional perspective and an emotional engagement perspective alongside the traditional medical route.

Dr. John is passionate about empowering parents with the knowledge so they can help support the child whilst the child is under medical supervision and receiving treatment. All his opinions are complementary to the medical route and it's wonderful to know that a parent can also play a part in supporting the child's journey back to health.

Website: https://www.drjohnonhealth.com/

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