Episode 134: Journey from Iteru to Jinja . By Aluku Rebels (Afro/Deep/Techno Music) Chapter Two 2021


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Hi Everyone ,

Here is the second chapter journey mix by myself which is a mixture of Afro House , Afro Tech and Afro Pop sounds combined with Techno and Deep House music to take you on a afrofuturistic electronic style of journey from a collection of current stuff i have enjoyed over the last few months with a few exclusives and unreleased tracks along the way .

Hope you all enjoy and stay blessed

Be YOU,Stay TRUE and one love from ALUKU

Track list:

1.Untitled x - Iteru (Original Mix) . Promo/2021 [Merecumbe Records]

2.Djuma Soundsystem - He Lele (Original Mix) . Promo/2021 [Iziki]

3.Demented Soul feat KEYNG - Camaku (Original Mix) . Unreleased/????

4.Da Africa Deep & Dj Kid - Who Are You . Unreleased/????

5.Fanzo feat Andy Keys & Mavuthela - Umuntu (Extended Mix) . Promo/2021 [Sondela Recordings]

6.Atamu - Ayo (Original Mix) . Promo/2021 [D.M Recordings]

7.Da Capo - Gene (Original Mix) 2021 [MoBlack Records]

8.Matto Cole - Nabay (Enoo Napa Remix) . 2021 [Afrocentric Records]

9.Argento Dust,Fka Mash - Haunting You (Original Mix) . 2021 [Back Noise Music Africa]

10.Diplo feat Elderbrook & Andhim - One by One (Angelos Extended Remix) . Unreleased/????

11.XtetiQsoul - Human Beings (Original Mix) . 2021 [Afrocentric Records]

12.ZIDDO - Inkabi (Original Mix) . 2021 [Seres Producoes]

13.Manyelo Dafro - Heal Afrika (Thakzin Remix) . 2021 [Stay True Sounds]

14.TekniQ - Umoya (Original Mix) . 2021 [Abstract Mood Music]

15.Sun-El Musican feat Mzaki - Ubomi Abumanga (Original Mix) . 2020 [El World Music]

16.Aquatone feat Jaidene Veda - Just Be (Original Mix) . 2021 [Genesis]

17.Roque feat Les-ego - Celebrate (Extended Mix) . 2021 [Deep House Police]

18.Aquatone - Neon Lights (Dub) . 2021 [Genesis]

19.Frankey & Sandrino - Hope 43 (Original Mix) . 2021 [Sum Over Histories]

20.Linos Rosetta & NuroGroove - Open Minded (Original Mix) 2021 [Aluku Records]

21.Frigid Armadillo & Qhawe - Makukhanye (Original Mix) Promo/2021 [Aluku Records]

22.Punk & Euggy feat Aktoh Jumadi - Weche (Extended Mix) . Promo.2021 [Gondwana]

Thank you to all artist and lables for the wonderful music .

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