Pneuma . By Aluku Rebels (Afro/Deep/Techno/Melodic House Music) Chapter 2 2020


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Hi everyone ,

Chapter two 2020 is here and taking you on a two hour journey of Afro,Deep,Techno,Melodic house music with 3 Exclusive AR promos by Kintar (SPA),Medusa Odyssey (SPA) and TIMANTI(UK) to come out in November .

Myself Aluku Rebels has proudly passionately pushed and presented this podcast show for 10 years of African House/ Electronic Music pushing and helping evolve through these mixes with wondeful DJ/Producer guest promoting the music and many artist growth combining full Afro sounds from mainly South African,American and European artist producing Tribal,Deep,Tech,Ancestral Soul,Ambient,Angolan Afro House,Botswana,Congolese,Ritualistic, Latin Cuban,Afro Tech mixed with House Classics , Progressive,Techno,Electronica to name a few.

Starting the shows with that trademark atmospheric real nature life sounds to now see many Afro , Melodic and the new Organic and downtempo DJs start in their live DJ streams shows how ahead of the game not just musically but building up a meditation intro style of a set and super delighted to see a vision now touching everyone in new modern electronic music and is the way for our higher spiritual consciousness of sounds to dance with peaceful pleasure and escapism .

Thank you to all the producers/record labels/Digital MP3 WAV Download sites/vocalist/musician's/percussionist for making this show possible and creating such wonderful music ,the sound has evolved over the years more to say electronically then the organic pure spiritual vibrations but the soul you can still feel its presence with still the elements of authentic ancient instruments , Chants , traditional vocals , Woodwinds and the African Drums that keep the backbone.

We have lost some super talented artist way to early before their time and seen many artist come and go (go and come back too) from around the world in the scene but still like to say everyone is valued with all the different afro infused sounds are still part of this new dynamics in today direction of Afro (Organic).

This mix starting with a more organic melodic style Afro track by Timanti followed by Afro tech and Techno tracks from South Africa and Europe with some hyper Afro Tech SA dancefloor style music finished off with real Afro and Deep House vibes for you all to understand. Hope you all enjoy the Mixes/Guest mixes over the last decade with positive support which is was you guys along with the creators that kept me going and giving more over the years.

Africa music was and is the future today.

Be YOU , Stay TRUE and one love from ALUKU

Track list:

1.TIMANTI - Red Earth (Original Mix) . PROMO/2020 [Aluku Records]

2.Kintar & Medusa Odyssey - Waaba (Original Mix) . PROMO/2020 [Aluku Records]

3.Neil Amarey - Lose The Game (Enoo Napa Remix) . 2020 [MoBlack Records]

4.Cisco De Sol - Birds of Minds (Original Mix) . 2020 [D.M Recordings]

5.Kintar & Medusa Odyssey - Vivir (Original Mix) . PROMO/2020 [Aluku Records]

6.TekniQ - LIBRAH . PROMO/2020 . [Abstract Mood Music]

7.DJ Angelo ft. Jaidene Veda - Surrender (Pablo Fierro Remix) . PROMO/2020 [Connected Frontline]

8.Black Motion & Da Capo - Technology (Original Mix) . 2020 [SONY MUSIC]

9.Howling - Bind (Rampa Remix) . 2020 [Counter Records]

10.Vanco , Cee Elassaad , Lizwi - Zamekile (Punk Mbedzi Remix) . 2020 [Sudam]

11.Dj Clock,Kelelingo - Mudih . 2020 [Get Physical]

12.???? - ????

13.Nash La Musica , Aphendulwa - Drums of War (Kususa Remix) . 2020 [Issa'Min)

14.Karyendasoul - Digital Analog (Original Mix) . PROMO/2020 . [Karyendasoul Music]

15.Black Motion feat Sauti Sol - Free (Original Mix) 2020 [SONY MUSIC]

16.DJ Jim Mastershine , Limpopo Rhythm , Afro Brotherz ft Nalize - Magical . 2020 [Afrocentric Records]

17.XtetiQsoul , Drumetic Boyz ft Setlako - African Child (Original Mix) . 2020 [Iklwa Brothers]

18.Buddha Sage - Rain Dance . 2018 [Kemet Recordings]

19.Ace Mantez - Phoenix . 2020 [WAV3Off records]

20.Frigid Armadillo - Imbokodo (Original Mix) . ????/????

21.Culoe De Song - Judgment Dance . ????/????

22.Black Motion ft Ihashi Elimhlophe - Mshubo . 2020 [SONY MUSIC]

23.Dj Satelite ,Demented Soul , TMAN - Terra Mae . 2020 [Seres Producoes]

24.Osunlade ft OVEOUS - Somewhere in America (Yoruba Soul Mix) . 2020 [Yoruba Records]

25.Dwson - Frigid Wetland . PROMO/2020 [Atjazz Recording Company]

26.Chronical Deep - Villagers can sing (Original Mix) . PROMO/2020 [Gondwana Records]

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