Ep 074: Millionaire Mindset Lesson with Denise Duffield-Thomas


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In this week’s episode, I’m joined by the brilliant Denise Duffield-Thomas. Denise is a money mindset mentor, self-made millionaire and author. We have a great conversation about where Denise’s drive for independence comes from, mindset around money and her latest book Chill and Prosper.

Here are the highlights:

(03:01) Denise’s background

(07:16) Disrupting that relationship between hard work and money

(10:37) Pricing is one of the hardest things to overcome as an entrepreneur

(15:06) How different cultures view money

(21:06) Denise’s pivotal moment in her career

(33:30) On getting her first book deal

(38:44) Denise’s advice to anyone struggling with fatigue

(47:35) Change your work environment

Connect with Dawn

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About Denise:

Denise Duffield-Thomas is the money mentor for the new wave of online entrepreneurs who want to make money and change the world.

She helps entrepreneurs like you charge premium prices, release the fear of money and create First Class lives.

Her books Lucky Bitch, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch, and her newest Chill and Prosper give a fresh and funny roadmap to living a life of abundance without burnout.

Her Money Bootcamp has helped over 8,500 students from all around the world.

She’s a lazy introvert, a Hay House author and an unbusy mother of 3. She owns a rose farm and lives by the beach in sunny Australia.

Connect with Denise:

Website: www.denisedt.com

Instagram: @denisedt

Facebook: @denisedt

Podcast: Chill & Prosper

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