#111 Brad Fincher (Devourment)


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Welcome to this weeks episode of Heavy Metal History. My guest is drummer Brad Fincher of legendary Death Metal band Devourment. Brad came on the podcast to discuss with me the bands 20 year history, as well as him being a founding member and all the member changes and challenges the band has faced during that time. Come to 2019 where the band has released their newest and most brutal album “Obscene Majesty” and Brad tells me about this solidified line up and how they wrote music and shaped the bands sound over the course of the past 6 years to finely craft this new record. There are few bands that have shaped or originated a new or unique sound in modern heavy metal and Devourment happens to be one of those bands. “Obscene Majesty” is a proficient step forward for the band and the sub genre as a whole and who better to do that than one of its progenitors.

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