How To Stand Out In a Crowded Market With April Dunford


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April Dunford is a positioning consultant, entrepreneur, board member, angel investor, and advisor for dozens of businesses. With 25 years of experience as an executive in a series of 7 successful technology startups and 3 global tech giants, April is a product positioning expert.

That’s why in this episode we will talk about how to position a business and how to make customers go from “what” to “wow”.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • About the tipping point of your career when she figured out that this positioning is her niche and what she good at.
  • What’s the difference between brand positioning, product positioning and business positioning.
  • How to position yourself in a SaaS industry.
  • Examples of small brands that are doing a great job

Connect with April

You can also see April at the How to Web conference in 30-31 october in Bucharest.

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