#313: "Travis Steffen's Ultimate Guide to Adventure Movies"


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It's finally here...the episode EVERYONE was clamoring for!! Wait...I mean no one....no one was probably asking for this... Except me! This is a spiritual sequel to one of my personal favorite episodes of the podcast "Travis Steffen's Ultimate Guide to Sports Movies" (episode 228) where we are once again rejoined with movie connoisseur Travis Steffen and our buddy Brandon Swett to chat all about the movies that we love. In this episode we talk through a bunch of categories based on a variety of adventure films. Plane crash survival movies, ridiculous wilderness action films, best movie featuring a man-eating animal, "is Indiana Jones actually good at leading expeditions?", along with much much more!!! And lots of camping talk. Hope you all get a few laughs as this episode is simply meant to bring a smile to your face and remind you of some awesome movies to check out to wrap up your year!! Enjoy!! (As always the views and opinions expressed by one Travis Steffen do not reflect the views and opinions of this podcast and are solely of his own volition....we truly love the guy, but Con Air...is it really a plane crash movie?? Do they actually camp??? Come on now!!)

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