#149: 666: Perfecting the Economy of Toil


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(Recorded on 09 Jul 2021) Let's dive into the third six.1 Cain is the picture of a man out of rest-the sweat of his brow,2 the tiller of the ground. He is not at rest in his relationship with God because, even though he is shown the path of repentance, instead of choosing that, he elects to murder his brother. Which is to do what? It is to do away with the standard and to establish your own standard. So he establishes the standard by which God might be approached as the standard of the works of your hands. Anyone engaged in this economy of the works of your hands labors outside of God's rest. That is why this fourth beast of Daniel, chapter 7,3 is known for controlling your ability to buy and sell; you cannot buy or sell.4 What is the relevance of the mark, the name, and the number, and the placement of one or more of those on the forehead and on the right hand? What is the forehead? Why are the sons of God given ...
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