#164: The Wrath of God Is Poured Out, Part 1


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(Recorded on 01 Mar 2022) Previously in our studies we have seen the seven trumpets, we have seen the seven plagues, and so on. But now we are looking at the seven bowls of the wrath of God, finalizing the judgments upon the wicked in the earth. As I have said, it is inevitable that that which was begun should be concluded. Whether it is what God began or what Satan began, there is an inevitability to the judgments of both. We know, absolutely, that there were certain designated outcomes that would inevitably occur in the end because of how they were set up in the beginning. For example-I have mentioned this before-the theme of the conflict in the world all had to do with the Seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent. God said, speaking to the serpent, "I am going to put enmity between your seed and the Seed of the woman."�1 Enmity would be a continual state of war between the two-until-until the end when things are summarized. One of the ...
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