What Happens If We Shift Our Relationship To The New Year


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Presence is more important than time. As we go into the new year, it is very easy to get lost in the shuffle of, “new year, new me.” Instead, what if we were to shift from having a new goal and a “clean slate,” to reflecting on the previous year and honing in on a standard practice or process?

I like to think of goal setting as deciding to do something and then taking the steps to achieve it. And then ask myself, what works for me? What does consistency look like in achieving this goal?

Listen in on today’s episode as I discuss why the process of working towards your goals, dreams, or plans is more important than the progress we make in reaching or completing them. I encourage you to explore your relationship with goal setting and to be curious about doing things differently.

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Topics Covered:

  • Goal setting and the pressure that comes with beginning a new year
  • Presence is more important than time
  • Consistency is more important than perfection, what does consistency mean for me?
  • Process is more important than progress; process gets better over time
  • Honed skills and becoming the best at one thing
  • Are we ending things well? Lack of grieving skills
  • What are the practices or processes you want to explore?
  • Be curious about doing things differently. What works for me?

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