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Acting a part. All the word's a stage. Dress for success, fake it till you make it, learning from examples, imitating behavior in order to participate in a loftier order. Refusing to limit oneself by class or caste barriers. A willingness to grow but also possible self-exploitation. Performing another role or personality out a sense of inferiority. Disguising one's true self, absconding oneself, self abandonment. Wanting to cover up or sublimate ones sexuality, emotions, or desires with an outer display of dignity. Muzzling the secrets about oneself or others. Being on parade, a popularity contest. Showing off, pretending to be what you're not. Substituting approval and affirmation for accomplishments. Deceiving or emotionally manipulating others. Intrigue and interference. Secrets and unacknowledged drives destroying relationships and domestic happiness. Playing hide and seek.

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