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This time on the Clean Energy Revolution from National Grid, Max La Manna is finding out how we can learn from science and nature to come up with solutions for a cleaner, greener future.

We’ve come a long way from the days of windmills and watermills, with our oceans becoming vast sources of wind power, and development along our coastlines allowing us to process and transport renewable energy around nations.

But how can we look at natural processes to better lock away carbon, and how important is it to make sure that when we’re building for the future, nature and habitats still have their place?

Reporter, Physicist and Oceanographer Helen Czerski takes to the road to discuss kelp restoration and the truth about ocean carbon capture with Marine Ecologist Dr Ian Hendy from the University of Portsmouth. Cirhan Truswell is Climate Change Manager at National Grid. She joins Max in the studio to discuss how future-proofing our energy infrastructure also means considering and caring for the environments it exists in.

We take a tour around BioteCH4, an anaerobic digestion plant in Lincolnshire that’s powering a local industrial estate on food waste alone!

Still puzzled about what biogas actually is and how it works for our energy? Monica Kabel from National Grid joins Patrick Serfass from the American Biogas Council to talk about how the US is making this kind of energy a big part of their fossil-free vision for the future.

If you’d like to keep track of it all, you can visit to follow our world’s clean energy story as it happens and find out how it’s part of your world right now. You can start your own conversation by sharing this podcast on social media or with a friend.

You can find out more about the organisations and initiatives involved in this podcast episode via the links below:

Dr Ian Hendy discusses Sea Kelp restoration in the Solent

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