Do You Feel Like Humpty Dumpty In Your Depression & Anxiety Journey?


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DEPRESSION & ANXIETY CAN KICK YOUR BUTT… and make you feel like you’ve fallen off of a wall… been broken into a million pieces… and no one or nothing can seem to put you back together again. I know! I’ve been there. So what can you do about it? Stay tuned as we find out

🗝Key Points in This Episode
2:56 Neurotransmitter theory
8:10 Can we identify the tendency for depression and anxiety?
8:39 It's time for medical up-leveling
10:08 What is a MOODY BRAIN?
15:01 Can You Correct DNA Imbalances?
15:36 A Genetic First Approach to Medicine Produces Faster Relief of Symptoms
17:56 Find Your True Health Solutions by Starting with the Foundation
19:02 Take this Self Starter Boot Camp to Optimize Your health and performance.
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